Low Maintenance Landscaping Trend Favors Rockeries



Not everyone has a green thumb. For those of us that do, we happily spend our summer days gardening, mowing, pruning, and coaxing the soil to yield its bounty. But the majority of homeowners simply want their nicely landscaped yard to stay put with little or no attention.  This is the source of the rising trend towards low maintenance landscaping, and it has increased the popularity of rockery elements in modern landscaping designs, as seen at rockeries seattle.

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Rockeries


Rockeries are excellent low maintenance landscaping options. Homeowners have been shrinking the size of their lawns in an effort to decrease mowing time. As a replacement for the green turf, rockeries are used. As a replacement, retaining walls seattle are often used. The rocks add simple modern texture while reducing the amount of constant attention required to keep grass or flower beds looking pristine.

Low Maintenance Landscaping with Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are a great alternative to a high maintenance flower bed. The contrast between the rocks and filler flowers contributes character to the landscape design, while reducing the time required for upkeep. Also, rocks look the same year round while flowers are susceptible to weather conditions and many only bloom at certain times of the year.

If you want your landscaping design to be maintenance free but still stunning, rockeries are a great way to go. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll help you turn your yard into the lovely, modern showpiece you envision!